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Coaching is a process aimed at empowering individuals to grow, personally and/or professionally. Coaching is about clarifying goals, determining the action steps necessary to achieve those goals and being held accountable to them. Anyone who wants to move forward in any area of life can benefit from coaching. Are you achieving all you would like to? Do you consistently take the steps and actions that you know will move you toward your goals? Do you feel a sense of fulfillment personally and/or professionally? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you can benefit from the coaching experience.

What is unique about the Positive Impact coaching experience?
Over the last decade, Dr. Michelle Turk has coached hundreds of professionals toward personal and professional success. She firmly believes that you can have it all, and has proven this time and time again with her clients. Her keen insight combined with her ability to ask the right questions, develop an action plan and hold clients accountable to it simply works. Via phone or webcam, weekly coaching sessions are designed to clarify, motivate and empower clients toward fulfillment both personally and professionally; to a point of Positive Impact!

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What others have to say ...

"Coaching with Dr. Michelle Turk has been both inspirational and empowering. She takes the time to listen to my updates and makes suggestions for improvements. We work together on making changes to specific areas of the office, which positively affect my professional as well as personal life. These changes would be much more difficult to achieve were it not for Michelle's direction and suggestions.

When in partnership, coaching works. It is up to me to put the recommendations into action, but that is much more attainable with a pathway to follow. If you are willing to do the work, coaching is for you. I recommend Positive Impact Coaching so you too can achieve the life of your dreams!

With Passion,
Dr. Sandra E. Andersson

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